Importance Of Proper Heat Pump Selection And Installation

The performance and efficiency of heat pumps Hamilton like any other heat pumps elsewhere are directly connected to knowledge-based heat pump selection and installation. Heat pumps are built with advanced technology that generates energy-saving results and indoor comfort which is better than standard furnace/air conditioner combos. However, there is a huge likelihood of making a selection error when selecting the appropriate unit and installing it correctly. To reduce the chances of a selection error, it is appropriate to seek the help of an experienced HVAC contractor, and a qualified team of technicians to effect the installation.

Shopping For Efficiency

In a home, heat pumps play the dual role of heating and cooling based on the season. However, a single energy-efficiency rating is not enough to tell you all that is required to make the right selection for a heat pump. In summer, there is the extraction of heat by the system from the house at the evaporator coil, taking it outdoors where the coil disperses it into the air. In Winter the opposite happens, and heat is dispersed into the ductwork by the condenser.

The efficiency of Heat Pump Ratings

Heating system performance factor (HSPF) – To get the right evaluation of the efficiency of a heat pump in heating mode, make reference to the system’s HSPF that is presented on the yellow Energy Guide sticker. HSPF is designed to calculate how much heat is produced in BTUs divided by the amount of electrical consumption of the unit which includes defrosting and backup supplemental heat throughout a full heating season.

Installation Matters

Professional heat pump installation is inevitable and hence should be performed only by qualified technicians. 

Characteristics of professional heat pump installation include: 

·Right-sizing to prevent inefficiency and a substandard comfort.
·Duct sealing by your HVAC contractor 
·Insulation issues and solution-oriented professionals