3 Reasons Why You Should Conduct Regular SEO Audits

Picture this, your SEO Melbourne strategy is in place. Everything seems to be working in order. What next then? Well, after implementing your search engine optimization strategy, you should also perform regular audits. Doing so not only allows you to keep tabs on the performance of your website, but also, ensures that you maintain a high SERP ranking.

Keep up with updated search engine algorithms

Google has a long history of algorithm updates and search index changes. As such, it is important for your to undertake an audit after which you make the necessary changes to your SEO strategy. This way your website conforms to updated algorithms and it will rank high. A few months back Google and other search engines held keyword tags in titles and descriptions in high regard. Not anymore. 

Get rid of red flags

A SEO audit also gives you a good opportunity to take note of any red flags. A red flag could have a negative effect on your SEO strategy. The telltale signs are usually there to see. For instance, if your website's bounce rate is ballooning then do not hesitate to consider a SEO audit. Review all your landing pages and make sure that only engaging and relevant content is sent to your user interface. The same should also be applied should you notice that users are spending much less time than they previously did on your pages. These red flags can only be noticed if you conduct regular SEO audits.

Review your On-Page SEO tactics

So, how good do your think your on page search engine optimization tactic is? You can only find out after conducting an audit. Only then can you tell what's working for you and what's not. Don't let anything bog down your site's performance. If all's in check then you'd be surprised by the lead conversion.