The Different Types of Heat Pumps

Currently, there are quite a number of heat pump installers that offer heat pump installation and other related services. But before contacting any heat pump installers, here are a few things to consider like the type of heat pump you need.

First of all heat pumps are devices used to transfer heat from a lower temperature to a higher temperature. The technology behind the heat pump of today dates back as far as the 17th century and it has developed through the years to what is termed and used today as a heat pump.

Types of heat pumps

  • The Air source heat pump

The air source heat pump is especially conducive if you live in an area with moderate climate. It can provide heating for your business or home. It is usually fitted to the side of the building. Heat from air source heat pumps is generated from the outside air.

  • The Ground source heat pump

The ground source heat pump generates heat from water or the solar energy stored in the ground. It is used through heat pipes laid into the ground. A ground source heat pump is more expensive to install than an air source heat pump.

  • The Hybrid heat pump

This is basically a heat pump used along with another energy source like a gas boiler. Or any two types of heat pumps working together during different times of the day or throughout the year.

  • Absorption heat pumps

These are driven by other heat sources other than electricity such as solar-heated water, geothermal heated water.

  • Ductless mini-split heat pumps

These work as individual units that can be wall mounted and used for specific rooms.

Other things to consider when going to contact a heat pump installer is the cost of all the heat pumps on the market, including how much it will cost you to install them, there sizes and how they work like their level of output and efficiency.